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EQT2- "potentially" - May 13, 2018

From: Saint Micheal, MN

To: Middle of Lake Michigan

Duration: 9 Hours, 28 Minutes

Tracking: APRS(Jack Troshinky's KE0PIM), and SPOT

EQT2 was a direct follow up to EQT1. It was launched just a week later with a series of small tweaks that occurred during finals week. EQT2 was a stunning success with the valve venting for 10 minutes over an hour and a half period. It then floated for about 8 more hours over Wisconson into the Great Lake Michigan. It then floated along for 50 days until recovered.


Alt Equilibrium software (Upgraded for this launch)

Temp Control Software

PITS and Communications (Upgraded for this launch)

Filling Mechanisms (Upgraded for this launch)

Scaffolding and Payload Design (Upgraded for this launch)


APRS.c seems to have crashed again leaving the team in the dark for a large majority of the flight.