Flight One

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From: Clearwater, MN

To: Bristol, IA

Launch: 3:02 PM

Duration: 3 Hours, 2 Minutes

Tracking: APRS(Jack Troshinky's KE0PIM), SPOT


During the flight, the pi shut down for just under 20 minutes. Although it did come back on and start the flight program at boot, it left the team in the dark during that time. Also, on the descent, the antenna for APRS was connected to a support structure and hanging solely by the transmission cable, connecting to the pi. While dropping, the structure appears to have swayed due to air resistance, snapping the transmission cable and losing the antenna. From that point forward, we were in the dark, and eventually found the balloon several days later in the possestion of a man who found it in a quarry and called us. The temperature sensor was also faulty and gave extremely high data points. The spot tracker also failed to give reliable data points.