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A kindness that is little, only a little listening here and just a little caring everywhere, can usher in what singer songwriter, Mary Chapin Carpenter recently known in her words from, "The chronilogical age of wonders."

"It seems we're simply standing nevertheless
One day we'll get up that hill
In the chronilogical age of miracles
There is one on the road"

Now, this age that is newn't necessarily require divine intervention, and even what the law states of Attraction, but I'm not saying it may not benefit from either. The overriding point is: Whenever we can just start to release our increasingly, negative self-fulfilling prophecies just for one day, or a week, or on top of that, through the entire New Year, we may just see our better self start to re-emerge.

Personally, I'm tired of located in an occasion just like the age that poet, WB Yeats described in their iconic poem, "the 2nd Coming,"

"The best absence all conviction, and also the worst are filled up with passionate strength."

Such divisiveness types sickness, conflict and despair, and leaders that are unfortunately real healers are in quick supply these days. This doesn't mean that by striving become our most useful and most committed selves, we cannot learn to lead and heal ourselves in a world we could begin to cherish even as we once did.
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